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At Master Tec Wire & Cable, we believe that quality is the true measure for a world class manufacturer. Since 2007, our quality management system was certified by third party Certification Body AFAQ for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001 Quality Management System. With many years of manufacturing experience along with Quality Assurance program built on inspection and quality test, all our products are strictly checked for mechanical and electrical conform to job specifications.

Our lab technicians’ works tirelessly to ensure the quality of our products conform to specification. This ranges from frequent supply-chain audits to routine quality assurance tests on inbound and outbound deliveries.

Our wide range of comprehensive inspection program insures the highest possible quality standards. Each stage of production is carefully scrutinized, and meticulously tested for compliance in accordance to customer’s specifications. This has been recognized by a number of independent bodies including SIRIM QMS (Malaysia), PSB TUV SUV (Singapore), UL (USA), PSE-JET (Japan).




R&D serves as the core of Master Tec Wire & Cable leading us as one of the competitive cable manufacturers in the region’s industry. Master Tec Wire & Cable aims at developing and enriching core technologies for cable materials and enhancing product quality and reliability. Since our inception, we have constantly invested in greater and efficient machinery and technology to remain competitive in the industry, which to be at the forefront of improving processes, customer satisfaction and quality products manufactured in a highly controlled environment.

The initiative implemented in all Master Tec Wire & Cable business areas has led us in improving all areas of the business, including customer inquiry and technical design, quality control, processes and procedures which are fully computerized and integrated.




Having a passion in delivering comprehensive technical R&D support and exceptional service to our reputable customers, our laboratory serves as a focal point in consistently providing highest levels of product quality coupled with our internal technical expertise on quality assurance and to deliver cable technical support and services.




With our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and advanced engineering technology, this sets us apart from other competitors and we the capacity in producing a wide range of products cater to all industry standards as well as customized wire and cable needs.

We specialize in manufacturing power cable, data and instrumentation cable, fire resistant cable, flame retardant cable, branch cable, housing wire, Switchgear wire, flexible wire and the like. For more information, please refer to our company’s catalogue.



Operation Technology

Multi Drawing
Online Detection
Online Diameter Controller
Spark Tester
Auto Coiling
Acidity Test
Fire Resistance Test
Tensile Test
High Voltage Test
Smoke Density Test