Company Profile


Master Tec Wire & Cable Sdn Bhd is a premier manufacturer supplying Low Voltage Power Cable, Control Cable, Instrumentation Cable, Fire Resistance Cable for commercial and industrial buildings. We take pride to be one of the leaders in developing and produce high quality wire and cable that can meet virtually every electrical application for both domestic and global demand. We carry an extensive line of cables and customize made wires and cable for various application.

To provide our customers with the products and service and eventually grow together with customer.

To be the leading manufacturer of wires and cables with high innovative and diverse product lines and expansion towards the global market.


Year 2005

✓ Establishment of Master Tec Wire & Cable

Year 2006

✓ Start production

Year 2007

✓ Achieved SIRIM cert on power cable

✓ Listed to UL & UCL product safety scheme

✓ Obtained ISO 9001 Quality Management Cert

Year 2008

✓ Obtain JKR approval on power cable

✓ Start venture global market - ASEAN region

✓ Achieved JET PSE (Japan) product safety cert

✓ Achieved German product safety cert

✓ Listed to Europe CE cert

✓ Increase SIRIM product cert on flexible cable

Year 2009

✓ Start production on low voltage cable up to 1000V

✓ Obtained SIRIM MS274 & IEC60502-1 for armoured cable

✓ Achieved ISO 14001 Environmental Mgmt Cert

✓ Golden Bull Award

Year 2011

✓ Register as MOF (Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia) contractor

✓ Register as TNB conductor

✓ SME Recognition Award 2011

✓ MASTER TEC Trade Mark Registered under Perbadanan Harta Intelek Malaysia

Year 2012

✓ Obtained Ordinary Member of SMI Association of Malaysia

✓ Obtained Ordinary Corporate Member of the Malaysian Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Association (III) (MACRA)

Year 2013

✓ Change SMI for Ordinary Membership to Life Membership